Monday 2015 July 27Regular Meeting of Council
Monday 2015 July 20Combined Meeting of Council
Monday 2015 June 29Regular Meeting of Council
Monday 2015 June 22Strategic Meeting of Council
Monday 2015 June 15Combined Meeting of Council

Wednesday 2015 July 22SPC on Transportation and Transit
Friday 2015 July 17SPC on Planning and Urban Development
Wednesday 2015 July 15SPC on Community and Protective Services
Wednesday 2015 June 24SPC on Utilities and Corporate Services
Wednesday 2015 June 17SPC on Transportation and Transit

Thursday 2015 July 23Land and Asset Strategy Committee
Thursday 2015 July 16Audit Committee
Thursday 2015 July 16Gas, Power and Telecommunications Committee
Wednesday 2015 July 15Emergency Management Committee
Tuesday 2015 July 14Legislative Governance Task Force

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